Outdoor Learning Sessions

girl in tree children playing in woods child in fallen leaves
girl in tree

What does a tree do?

Examine what the different parts of a tree actually do and consider how important they are to us and the world we live in. Includes tree measuring and exploring carbon lockup.

Minibeast Discovery

Discover what minibeasts are lurking in your school grounds. A minibeast hunt combined with themed games and activities will gain an insight into the fascinating world of invertebrates.

child with insect

How the Water Works

Explore how the water cycle works in nature and how our usage impacts on nature.

Sensory Exploration

Develop a connection to the natural world through a multitude of senses. Develop improved wellbeing, physical literacy and emotional intelligence by exploring nature.

boy hugging a tree

Food Chains

Do you know what eats what in the British woodland environment? Introduction to simple food chains and what they are comprised of. Develop understanding of how energy flows through the eco system and what happens when humans impact on it.

Natural Art

Let their creativity flow using the natural environment as inspiration. We will explore nature’s colours, textures and shapes before the group work to create their own masterpieces

boy in tree

Literacy in the Environment

Literacy lessons don’t have to happen indoors. Use nature to inspire simple poetry and storytelling. We will play with words and get creative with language whilst enjoying being in the outdoors.

children playing in woods

Bespoke Sessions

Not sure how to link a topic to outdoor learning? We are always up for a challenge, so get in touch!

child in fallen leaves
boy in tree child with insect boy hugging a tree